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If you would like to buy one of my pieces, simply fill in the form below. As soon as I receive your request, I will get in touch to find out more about you – important stuff like your postal address and (where relevant) whether you would like a frame, etc…

Next, I will send you an invoice. And (as soon as you are agreed and we are settled), carefully package your piece and FedEx it to your door.



If you would like to commission a piece for a particular individual, event, location or occasion: as above, simply fill in the form below providing as many details as possible.

When I receive your request and have sufficient details – like budget, recipient, theme and materials, etc… I will work out how long I think the piece will take and what I can do for you.


The Form Below:


Please Note: for the sake of simplicity, payments are made direct to my bank account, details of which will be shared when the time is relevant.

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